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tv   Khalil Melliti Home Game  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2018 8:33am-9:00am +03

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so deep rooted tension between the lebanese and the refugees. my syrian friend. bisect on al-jazeera. going to say going to say a quote. stuck in the stuff in the stores. on a honeymoon it's the almost as it is. the little minion as if he had a bit of food and does that and if he asked me if his friends did that as if. it included a booklet on the school it. will
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have been a new color from the girls and a vet because she goes and you have to get a freeze in going would proofs in their wrists and then butter it down here to bless the goodies in the end cosimo who put us in it. i did you know whom you did what i don't get it from. your mouth but of many she will match your. name of the woman comment. given near. the time it had all been asked actually nothing that managed this really bad that he. made a wise move even if he may keep an eye on it how to deal with him and the level of the not. when it more live the. acknowledgement at the end of.
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knowing it it. must be beholden to. the spoilers in this is going to have them see i don't know what it is. bad than anybody sharbat me. out of that i've lived with him are the problem economy the problem since he will put a pool on has anyone here then. convince you vision board six but in me but it is who are the cause for us this has not been been it's. well i just if it came through from the good pineda we know good now and if it was girl like i measured. oh my god then she don't answer the have nothing of mine and i want to
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take and hold her head was like a man and the rest of the conditional my next let's go to heaven and the most. i pod. i have. among. the best selling c.d.'s but. when they didn't get it from my. engine is it that one that's able to see a list and you can. proceed from. the border. but how are. they don't let that cut the deal when the one hundred.
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little. let that. that that. there's all. this bit was all for me came to me but. it is you keep is it it would seem that. if you know. it. how do you know when i believe you because you couldn't tell did i give him a good. and. if the people who.
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got got. to be good then. much. much. much with. much much some time to get it then. it's not much for being good there. they react. the.
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levy were. mounted on top. of the picture will be. a doodle national and from unless he could come in at that stage remember that mashing him by mashing him come and give you would you mind. man it has a pop song me pull myself up. you . made me whole it can be. tough.
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to. handle. then. hour and a month with this bullshit oh in the pensions going fellows to know for she can do with anything i can in a house in a down market for the boom and then the part of what you know we had on my own from the video it was a felony in. just guns. and that is when the host. of that is they don't get
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a gun i mean. more in a minute then the high say i had is in your legs and i did when you could and then america is in london. until feel good out there mitchell says more government. wish him i want the opposite where. he can wear the code for this feels good and beneath. it have we had that he goes for the spirit also. i think. i. do too.
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so. it gives no one else here for general to honest give one and i'm not a business where you sit the buddhists or the knesset that you say but if you did i guess how much. money i asked about his way out which i love my book. you much have a whole with the plus mulberry we've been given it keeps a but don't do much heavier than this but don't see it that much to make up the fun of the cut to the blue suit didn't evolve there to show how your point is belongs. to the nephew not to. don't use him them to mcqueen's to deployment that was a lot of these even office with. him. to. cling.
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to don't do that as the fool you have lived and died close to god. said to trust you to grow distant from those with whom i would have it but that for their post i disagree still for it but i believe with these differences the real good starts to my you do plus moved on you've got a good way out of. it. and. can do the believe. in. this will j.j. lushness will to be honest i know if the technique wrong then the woman who was looking for his feels now that it was him i know it does not matter as an objective reality and i'm not i want that you. ok you're not the honest man. but you know.
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what i could conceive of as something. about. a man of. about would. say that he signed limited mission and then but as i do you may not have a new phone in it then i'm. not of. the who will be doing the. soviet. and. who will believe it this is how. much this is. to.
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pass. the. night. to. keep. on coming up.
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well. you know you can live without me. if you know i'm still missing out there was something else to go oh. yeah i was just about going to hold up and get a new phone oh not that yes we're going to tell him that i was king is that none of them seem to get him and he got none of that though i am not the most that tell a student loan does. have a good deal because i'm going to be in. the way of pluto was. intimidating to move on to the comics to not have to do.
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this comic a. second but dear mr ahmed thank. you .
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things like that i. guess it's a little bit of a kind of i was. just i was not something i forgot about policy and i did that i thought about it but i'm not that big out of the jam unless you had better. get it done show you forgot what i was going to bother with women that she was told one of them are actually that's what. do you get here by the way what baseball. i was on the high this is the one on the dog i love that i write you know yet it gets to the point i was just coming to the big. room this not. to be
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rude i'm going to be the. love you should be whooping. was. get you are merely because. you say. how. but the you was a. lot of people oh. oh. oh. that's him better than him oh. enough to.
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be a pretty. good look at. the man and. the american. you. find most in there find money enough nothing without food which will work but we may hold highly likely yeah i mean just this you know what except i see in a committed much the scene i'm fanatic yes even much. good to not only want to smash my chief if you need all you need to pull alternate of them. but to show what a hidden message put up with didn't come up. us they had. that i missed is that he added with a new one sure that we. know that both give us
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a vision of the best passage in the film specific question and i don't think you should but i think you should like to think. i'm. coming to. you. live here. you gotta go to the yeah to go. live. there for gig most rick and i'm going to remember what i'm going out of money and i don't know when i've moved in this. and that's enough to go through makatea their whole careers in one minute if. they ask if it is with a as it is. not. suitable it will fit in the difference this is good and make it good
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this is just not now not how many can get credit many people have the vision we. oh i would. have felix well but they're not and the. only way. they say that already on the. phone it's. that much and it actually funny like. if we call it was really. it was. that it would. take a minute to from the first. hasn't worked and then the batiks this is the from about kid. for some to accept the.
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down the road then you can use it all season if i had a father. or her best i recall but i have resigned i have to say as you know by the guy has a high but why did you feel was demonio when i had to study of course i slowed for a minute so often i. because i'm such a man i'm about to. accost my no. effort lives on monday. night at promotion. maybe in a hundred. period examining. the. utilities exam well but i do not.
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now i feel. i'm even richer we his money and if young. girls go to my dad it's not about. me you know we don't argue with many of the. homes. in that human militia. that's the shot i just. held though derived. from our. a minutemen need to wash mop with dimona and. block aisa cut the wood out. the main sheet when. we did this and he. did not the entry to the. window we used to fit in the forms for the roof.
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actually no naslund is too good oh no i don't want you coming not. an accusing me if i would run my belief if you didn't know me i'm just the. mysterious one. but. you know what. you're going to put all this happened to. be in law without leave out of the way as to milo laird our you know.
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just. out of the attic you. see there's just a little did we do much eat in the place the finest down the road. you couldn't leave.
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for mood this. coup. i know him good enough and is going to have. it so yeah it was in the us a lot of tone movement in the home in. the museum and. many of. the
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. girls they put. in the good things. from mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique into uneasy as a rich couple st. the threads on
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a. the nature news as it breaks all those thousands of women have reported other sexual atrocities in south sudan so we're going to say the figure is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part in the drive each one responsible for collecting a different school supplies clothing from around the world. is still very new here but these players. very confident they want to be able to leave gaza and maybe even one day play on the international stage. scene but rarely heard india's two million street children live a desperate existence when he meets the child reporters from the slumdog press giving a voice to india's invisible children and how to zero. he
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said with your top stories here on al-jazeera china's accuse the us of launching quotes the largest trade war in economic history the reaction from beijing follows the u.s. imposing tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods from beijing . within a few minutes of the u.s. tariffs coming into force china's ministry of commerce a criticize the move saying that the united states was responsible now for potentially starting one of the biggest trade wars in the history of the world trade organization.


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